Here are some of the amazing sessions I currently run. Can’t commit to any face to face sessions? Don’t worry, head over the my shop and grab yourself a copy of any of my online supported guides. I’m here to help you achieve your goals on your terms!


Metafit is a high intensity workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training. designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete. This style workout is intense. Each session is 25-30 mins.



Bootcamp consists of all of the above session plus more... You will never know what is planned for bootcamp to keep it fresh, spontaneous and keep you guessing! You can also request a favourite session to be run at bootcamp. Bootcamp is the BEST value Personal Training session you could ask for! All bootcamp sessions are 30 mins.


Boxing Inspired

Our boxing sessions are fun and consist of basic boxing exercises but don't be fooled this is by no means an easy workout!



Circuit training is exercise stations set up. You complete all exercise stations one at a time to complete one round of the circuit.


pilates & core

Pilate's & core sessions are a mat inspired workout that will not leave you out of breath BUT will encourage you to use muscles you never thought existed. This is by no means an easy workout, It is a slow paced mat workout that will have you gritting your teeth and wondering why it hurts. Pilate's encourages correct activation of your core and is brilliant for sculpting, strengthening your core and pelvic floor.


torsion bars

Weighted workouts using a "Torsion Bar" which is simply an innovative weight in the way of a long bar of steel, making it a simple to use piece of equipment which is sure to push your strength, limits and burn fat! various weights are used 9kg, 12kg, 15kg & 18kg.

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